Articles on Heroism

A personal journey from evil to heroism (pdf)

Philip Zimbardo


The Banality of Heroism (pdf)

Zeno Franco & Philip Zimbardo


Could You be a Hero? (pdf)

Elizabeth Svoboda


Fostering the Heroic Imagination (pdf)

Zeno Franco, Kathy Blau, & Philip Zimbardo


The Captain Who Fell into the Lifeboat (pdf)

Zeno Franco & Matt Langdon


What’s Holding You Back From Becoming a Hero? (link)

Scott T. Allison


The Science of Being a Hero (link)

Annabel Stafford


Preventing Bullying by Systemic Changes and Reframing (pdf)

Philip Zimbardo


Time Perspective and Social Heroism (pdf)

Philip Zimbardo


We Live in a Nation of Bystanders (link)

Philip Martin


Humanizing Monsters (link)

Casey Dorman


Social Representations of Hero and Everyday Hero: A Network Study from Representative Sample (link) 

Zsolt Keczer, Bálint File, Gábor Orosz, & Phil Zimbardo 


Why We’re Obsessed with Understanding Evil (link                                                                             

Elizabeth Svoboda


 Heroism in the 21st Century: Recognising and Reconciling with our Personal Heroic Imperative (link)  

Olivia Efthimiou, Scott T. Allison, & Zeno E. Franco 


Heroic Leadership in The Walking Dead’s Post-Apocalyptic Universe (link)

Scott T. Allison & Olivia Efthimiou 


Hero Versus Saint: Considerations From the Phenomenology of Embodiment (link)                                    

Bryan Smyth 


Heroic Leadership (link)                                                                                                                                                           

Scott T. Allison 


The Heroism of Men and Women (link)                                                                                                                          

Selwyn W. Becker & Alice Eagly 


Arthur Ashe: A Hero On and Off the Court (link)                                                                                                      

Carlie Q. Blessing 


The Psychology of Heroism: Extraordinary Champions of Humanity in an Unforgiving World (link)       

Zeno E. Franco & Phil Zimbardo 


Edgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Hero (link)                                                                                                                        

Michael David Bonifonte 


Where We Find Heroes (link)

Kira M. Newman 


Heroism Research: A Review of Theories, Methods, Challenges, and Trends (link)

Zeno E. Franco et al. 


Seven Ways to Stand Up Against Sexual Harassment (link)

Elizabeth Svoboda 


The Hero Organism: Advancing the Embodiment of Heroism Thesis in the 21st Century (link)

Olivia Efthimiou 


Transforming Motives and Mentors: The Heroic Leadership of James MacGregor Burns (link)

George R. Goethals & Scott T. Allison 


On Boredom and Perceptions of Heroes: A Meaning-Regulation Approach to Heroism (link)

Gillian Coughlan et al. 


Underdogs as Heroes (link)

Joseph A. Vandello et al.


The Hero’s Transformation (link)

Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals 


Heroism and the Pursuit of a Meaningful Life (link)

Elaine Kinsella, Timothy Ritchie, and Eric Igou 


Heroism and Mental Health (available soon)

Scott T. Allison & Athena Cairo


What Makes a Hero? Exploring Characteristic Profiles of Heroes Using Q-Method (link)

Brian Riches 


Everyday Heroism in Practicing Psychology (link) 

Harris L. Friedman 


Collaborative Heroism: An Empirical Investigation (link)

Dana Klisanin 


The Initiation of Heroism Science (link)

Scott T. Allison 


Heroism and Eudaimonia: Sublime Actualization Through the Embodiment of Virtue (link)

Zeno Franco, Olivia Efthimiou, & Phil Zimbardo


Investigating Altruism and Selfishness Through the Hypothetical Use of Superpowers (link)

Ahuti Das-Friebel


Hero Worship: The Elevation of the Human Spirit (link)

Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals


The Hybrid Hero: A Contagious Counter-Example (link)

Benjamin Van Tourhout 


Mindfulness-Based Heroism: Creating Enlightened Heroes (link)

Patrick Jones 


Attributes and Applications of Heroes: A Brief History of Lay and Academic Perspectives (link)

Elaine Kinsella, Timothy Ritchie, and Eric Igou 


Heroism in Times of Crisis (link)

Zeno E. Franco 


Setting the Scene: The Rise and Coalescence of Heroism Science (link)

Scott T. Allison, George R. Goethals, & Roderick M. Kramer 


Studies on Documented Historical Cases of Civil and War Heroes: A Mini-Review (link)

Hannes Rusch


“Now He Belongs to the Ages”: The Heroic Leadership Dynamic and Deep Narratives of Greatness (link)

Scott T. Allison & George R. Goethals 


Heroic Memory: Remembering the Details of Others’ Heroism (link)

Jaclyn Ford et al.


Heroism and the Pursuit of Meaning (link)

Jeff Green et al.


The Hero-Journey, Hamlet and Positive Psychological Transformation (link)

Peter Bray


The Hero’s Journey: A Mudmap for Change (link)

Clive Williams


On the Bravery and Courage of Heroes: Considering Gender (link)

Elaine Kinsella, Timothy Ritchie, and Eric Igou


Achilles and the Astronaut: What Heroism Humanities Can Teach Heroism Science (link)

Ruth Martin Curry 


Making Heroes: The Construction of Courage, Competence and Virtue (link)

George R. Goethals & Scott T. Allison


Scholarly Heroism: A Transdisciplinary Perspective on David Bohm’s Transformative Scholarship and Intellectual Exile (link)
Peter le Breton


Heroism: A Conceptual Analysis and Differentiation Between Heroic Action and Altruism (pdf)
Zeno E. Franco, Kathy Blau, and Philip G. Zimbardo


The Search For a Hero Gene: Fact or Fiction? (link)

Olivia Efthimiou 


A Theological Perspective on Heroic Leadership in the Context of Followership and Servant Leadership (link)

Deborah Robertson


The Hero’s Journey in the Extreme Fitness Exercise Infomercial (link)

James K. Beggan


Fostering Heroism (link)

Elisabeth Heiner


The Berkeley Civic Courage and Heroism Experiment: The Group Dynamics of Individuals Acting in Concert to Advance Ethical Goals in the Public Interest (link

Bill Roller and Philip Zimbardo


Psychology in the Public Service (pdf)

Philip Zimbardo


The Making of a Hero: Cultivating Empath, Altruism, and Heroic Imagination (link)

Ari Kohen, Matt Langdon, and Brian Riches


On the Dynamics of Disobedience: Experimental Investigations of Defying Unjust Authority (link)

Piero Bocchiaro and Philip Zimbardo


Social Representations of Hero and Everyday Hero: A Network Study from Representative Samples (link)

Zsolt Keczer, Bálint File, Gábor Orosz and Philip G. Zimbardo


Don’t Judge a Living Book by its Cover: Effectiveness of the Living Library Intervention in Reducing Prejudice Toward Roma and LGBT People (link)

Gábor Orosz, Erzsébet Bánki, Beáta Bőthe, István Tóth-Király and Linda R. Tropp


How Not to Do a Mindset Intervention: Learning from a Mindset Intervention Among Students with Good Grades (link)

Gábor Orosz, Szilvia Péter-Szarka, Beáta Bőthe, István Tóth-Király and Rony Berger


Understanding Experiences of Bullying (link)


Paradoxical Truths in Heroic Leadership: Implications for Leadership Development and Effectiveness (link)

Scott T. Allison & Jennifer Cecilione


Fostering the Heroic Imagination: An Ancient Ideal and a Modern Vision (link)

Kathy Blau, Zeno Franco, & Phil Zimbardo


Evolution of Heroes: An Expanded Typology of Heroes for the Electronic Age (link)

Hakanen, Ernest


Volunteer Overseas Development Workers: The Hero’s Adventure and Personal Transformation (link)

Hudson, Sheena, & Kerr Inkson


How Can We Study Heroism? (link)

Eranda Jayawickreme & Paul Di Stefano


Zeroing in on Heroes: A Prototype Analysis of Hero Features (link)

Elaine Kinsella, Tim Ritches, & Eric Igou


Lay Perspectives on the Social and Psychological Functions of Heroes (link)

Elaine Kinsella, Tim Ritches, & Eric Igou


Definitions and Omissions of Heroism (link)

Jeffrey Martens 


The Role of Mortality Awareness in Heroic Enactment (link)

McCabe et al.


What Makes a Hero? The Impact of Integrity on Admiration and Interpersonal Judgment (link)

Barry Schlenker et al.


Honesty and Heroes: A Positive Psychology View of Heroism and Academic Honest (link)

Sarah Staats et al.


Is His Heroism Hailed and Hers Hidden? Women, Men, and the Social Construction of Heroism (link)

Rankin, Lindsay E. & Alice H Eagly


Becoming a Teacher as a Hero’s Journey: Using Metaphor in Preservice Teacher Education (link)

Lisa Goldstein 


The Hero and the Internet: Exploring the Emergence of the Cyberhero Archetype (link)

Dana Klisanin


Heroism in Literature (link)

Ibrahim Taha


Nursing Heroism in the 21st Century (link)

P. Darbyshire 


The Hero’s Journey as a Developmental Metaphor in Counseling (link)

Gerard Lawson


Health, Healing, and the Myth of the Hero Journey (link)

Marlaine Smith


Forgotten Aboriginal War Heroes (link)

P. Newbury


The Personality Profile of Brave Exemplars: A Person-Centered Analysis (link)

W. Dunlop & Larry Walker


Hierarchical Integration of  Agency and Communion: A Study of Influential Moral Figures (link)

Frimer et al.


A Case of Moral Heroism: Sympathy, Personal Identification, and Mortality in Rwanda (link)

Ari Kohen


Moral Personality of Brave and Caring Exemplars (link)

Larry Walker & Jeremy Frimer


Moral Personality Exemplified (link)

Larry Walker


Is There a Hero Gene? (link)

Adam Forest


The Garden Variety of Genetic Heroism: In a World of Tasteless Tomatoes, Seed Saviors are Standing Guard (link)

Paul Galloway


Historical and Experimental Evidence of Sexual Selection for War Heroism (link)

Hannes Rusch et al. 


Smirnov, Ancestral War and the Evolutionary Origins of “Heroism” (link)

Oleg Smirnov