HIP Partnership with Brightsity: Online Courses for Business, School and Healthcare Settings

Founded in 2008 by world renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo, The Heroic Imagination Project specializes in bringing heroism to the focal point of conversations in schools and businesses. HIP uses hero training to enhance one’s well-being, resist prejudice and discrimination, and overcome powerful situational forces that might prevent us from taking action. 

The Heroic Imagination Project is happy to announce we are now in collaboration with Brightsity to offer engaging web and app based training and competency development.

Together, we are working to change the way educational systems, businesses, and healthcare professionals interact with the world around them by using near-peer collaborative learning. These peer to peer experiences help facilitate new insights and a better understanding of our shared sense of humanity. Brightsity’s initial research has shown statistically significant increases in self-reported courage, and decreased stress, anxiety and depression. Most importantly, self-reported social dominance orientation (a variable related to sexist, racist, ethnocentric and opposition to equality related attitudes and behaviors) was significantly diminished as well.

The Heroic Imagination Project Brightsity courses, white papers and uses for business, schools/universities and healthcare can be found at: