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HIP "Combating the Bystander Effect" Workshop at Hero Round Table Michigan

START YOUR HERO TRAINING by standing up and speaking out. Have you ever seen a crowd of people do nothing when help is needed? Or a cell phone video of a fight that people are watching but not stopping? This is known as the bystander effect, which happens when the presence of other people discourages us from taking action when help is needed. Not only does this allow for bad things to happen, but bystanders often actually exacerbate the danger of these situations.

Come learn to combat the bystander effect by understanding the common psychological and social barriers to taking action. You will learn how to identify bystander behavior at macro and micro levels across a range of situations, as well as how to overcome specific personal and cognitive barriers to action, assess and mediate risk, and connect with allies for help.

We are honored to be offering this event in conjunction with the Hero Round Table (HRT) conference October 22nd & 23rd. It is a rare treat for us to host an event in the Midwest, and we're so excited to meet all you heroes-in-training doing amazing things in this part of the country.

HIP Trainer, HRT Speaker and mentor of teenage heroes Matthew Winkler will be leading the workshop. Check out his speech from the HIP sponsored Hero Round Table in San Francisco of this year, including his viral TED-Ed video "What Makes a Hero?" here.

We will be finalizing the exact location closer to the event date. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle in. Pizza and other snacks will be provided!

We have a special discount in honor of this conference and our Midwest debut (normally $149).

Can't attend but interested in helping create everyday heroes in your community? All donations made through this page will help us bring our lessons directly to the youth and communities in the Midwest region. We appreciate your support!