Everyday Hero Tools

Hero Inspiration

Heroism Science (link)
Promoting the Transdisciplinary Study of Heroism in the 21st Century

Heroes: What They Do and Why We Need Them (link)
A Commentary on Today’s Heroes

Reel Heroes: An Analysis of Heroes in the Movies (link)
Two Hero Experts Critique the Movies

Rewarding Disobedience Award (link)
MIT Media Lab



Abusive Conduct, Anti-Bullying, and Retaliation Policy for all Employees 
Kantola Productions - Tool for the Workplace

21 Life-Saving Tips that Everyone Should Know

Social Fitness Exercises (pdf)
Heroic Imagination Project

Dealing Effectively with Challenging Situations (pdf)
Heroic Imagination Project

Preventing Suicide
Lifeline - Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention.