Our Members


organizational members

Urban Services, YMCA, San Francisco, California

Helden e.V., Germany – helden-ev.de

Hősök Tere, Hungary – hosoktere.org (trainings available!)

Tara Center, Iran – hip.tarapsycho.ir

Projekt Bohaterskiej Wyobraźni, Poland – hip.org.pl (trainings available!)

DOX Prague - Center for Contemporary Arts - Czech Republic - dox.cz

Hero+, UK - heroplus.org


institutional members

California State University - Bakersfield, California (learn about collaboration here)

Dougherty Valley Highschool, San Ramon, California

Palo Alto Highschool, Palo Alto, California

Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon

University of Calgary, Canada

Crescent School, Toronto, Canada

Green School, Bali, Indonesia

Catholic University of Porto, Portugal (trainings available!)


Individual Professional Members at...

University of Southern California – facebook.com/HIPxUSC

Cameron Park, California - Anthony BlackOwl

Each One Reach One, California

Pasadena City College, California

Central Oregon Community College

Florida State College at Jacksonville, Florida

Long Island University and Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation, New York - Kathleen Keefe-Cooperman

North Carolina - Karen Jones

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Volunteer with non-profit Casa de Galilea

Brussels, Belgium - Beata Cnudde

Cyprus -World Vision

Denmark - Platform R, Odense Kommune - Malene Søbygaard; Resilience consultant and manager

Ecuador - Alfonso Cuvi

Istanbul - Istanbul Okan University

Rome, Italy - Listenia - Alberto Marino

Additional U.S. members in California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee & Washington.

Additional International members in Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Czechia, Italy, Pakistan and Portugal.


Other groups we work with

Police Orientation Preparation Program, Los Angeles, California

Brightsity - Offers HIP curriculum through an Online Learning platform for organizations, students, and aspiring leaders.


Our Friends



Hero Construction Company – heroconstruction.org

Hero Round Table – heroroundtable.com

MagnifyMoney – magnifymoney.com

Institute for Humane Education – humaneeducation.org

Bystander Revolution – bystanderrevolution.org

Giraffe Heroes - giraffe.org

SpeakOut SpeakUp - speakout-speakup.org

Valor Vereda, Argentina – valorvereda.com.ar

Heroes Leaders Champions - heroesleaderschampions.org (hero tools and curriculum for K-8)