Practicing the Psychological Three R’s while coping with this Pandemic

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

RESPECT. Respect your emotions and needs. Respect the needs and emotions of others. Respect your own concerns, feelings of insecurity and danger, as well as those experienced by others. Be attentive and helpful to others. Be good companions for others through these challenging times, as well as for yourself. Provide social support. You carry responsibility for yourself as well as for others. Engulf them with praise, kindness, and love. Every hour of every day counts.  

REASON. Be reasonable and sensitive, protect others from dangerous situations. Protect them as well as yourself from unsubstantiated and biased information, in spite of chaos. Plan your activities, set your tasks patiently and expect the unexpected; be ready to include “change,” ”mistake,” and “crisis” into the game. Most importantly, compliment yourself on every step of your progress toward the goal – praise yourself until you blush. Care for others as well as for yourself with both reason and sensitivity, so you can stay well or get well soon. Every day is meaningful. 

RESILIENCE.  We are born with resilience and we can train it and increase it, too. Do not hesitate to ask others for help. Trust your capabilities, you can manage and bear more than you can imagine. Still, should you consider to give up on something, first, have a good rest, get some fresh air (safely), eat and drink well before the decision. Treat yourself well – with gallantry, courage, and kindness; your knees may buckle under you, but you will soon get back up. Lift up others as well. You will become better in doing so, bit by bit every day.

Created by Iva Polackova Solcova (Prague, Czech Republic. 10.10.2020)

Edited by Dr. Philip Zimbardo

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