Praising our countless medical personnel's heroic sacrifices !

Our Heroic Imagination Project adds its voice and heartfelt recognition to

all those in this new generation of Heroic doctors, nurses and caretakers on the front lines who are coping day and night with the life and death challenges of Covid–19.

Here in California we annually recognize the many first responder firefighters who risk their lives and health fighting our forest fires.

But for them, the enemy is visible, localized, and can be confronted with various fire fighting tools.

In comparison, now in California and every state throughout our nation, an invisible microbial virus enemy is challenging medical personnel first responders, whose tools are limited, and always in the process of being evaluated and updated. Another novel aspect that these first responders have to deal with is not being able to go home to be with their family after their work is done-- for fear of infecting their family, and also because the extent of their work is never done.

I would like to add a brief historical note from an article that honored heroic doctors and nurses way back in 2011. I am attaching a news item from that era.

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