Wear Your Mask -> Save A Life

The Heroic Imagination Project would like for you to contribute to our " Wear Your Mask->Save A Life" campaign! It's simple- all you have to do is use our blank social media template and enter your picture & name. You may use photo editing apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook to attach your photo/name! 

Attached in this post, you will find an example template made by our president: Dr. Philip Zimbardo, with instructions on where to plug in your picture and name. You will also find a blank template- this is the template YOU will use when entering your picture and name.


1) Take a selfie with your mask on!

2) Download/screenshot the blank template included in this post.

3) Go to Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, and upload your Blank Template as if you were going to make a post. 

3a) On Facebook, click on the "sticker" icon, here you can scroll through your photos, pull up the mask selfie and upload the selfie into the template.

3b) On Snapchat, you must complete this step before you can move onto step #3- you will first need to upload your mask selfie as if you were making a post- then you click on the scissor icon on the top right side of your screen- here you convert your selfie into a sticker by tracing your face. Once you have completed this- you will exit out of the photo and upload the blank template as if you were making a new post. You are now able to insert your mask selfie as a sticker into the blank template.

3c) On Instagram- follow the same steps as 3b. 

4) After you have your picture uploaded in the blank template, in all applications, you should be able to insert text within the photo itself- here is where you put your name/program affiliation.

5) Capture your photo by saving the image or taking a screenshot with your phone.

6) Time for the upload! Make a post with your personal template and tag Heroic Imagination Project as well as some of your friends so we may post your photo on our social media platforms!

You may also submit your picture with our customize frame to to be featured on the Heroic Imagination Project's social media page! 

Let us come together and make a pro-social movement for the betterment of one another within these rough times!

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