Videos / Podcasts


The Hero Forge: Changing the World for the Better (link)
Andy Fisher

What makes a hero? (link)
Matthew Winkler

Bullying Jr. Experiment (link)
No Bully and Burger King

What is the Blueprint for Stories about Heroes? (link)
NPR Ted Talk

 The Psychology of Evil (YouTube link)
Philip Zimbardo at TED

How to be a Hero-in-Training (YouTube link)
Philip Zimbardo at Hero Round Table

How to Not Be Evil – Dr. Phil Zimbardo (podcast)
Philip Zimbardo on the Tim Ferriss Show

Creating a New Generation of Youth Super Heroes (link)
Philip Zimbardo at TEDxRoma

Psychology and the New Heroism (link)
Philip Zimbardo and Daniel Ellsberg in Conversation

Heroic Imagination: Inspiring Ordinary People to be Everyday Heroes (podcast)
Philip Zimbardo on The Daily Helping Podcast

Berkeley Group Education Foundation videos (link)
Psychology and the New Heroism

Discovering Psychology Series (link)
Video instructional series on Introductory Psychology

Group Dynamics and the New Heroism: The Ethical Alternative to the Stanford Prison Experiment (link to sample) (link to study guide)
Unscripted film series that tracks the Berkeley Civic Courage and Heroism Experiment

How to Be a Hero (link)

How to Make a Hero - Mind Field S2 (Ep 5) (link to sample) (link to promo)

Heroic Imagination Project Youtube Videos:

  • The Bystander Effect: The Death of Kitty Genovese (link)
  • Asch Conformity Experiment (link)

  • The Bystander Effect (link)

  • Obedience - Marry a Stranger (link)

  • Stanley Millgram: Obedience to Authority (link)

  • Dangerous Conformity (link)

  • The Halo Effect (link)

  • The Demise of Guys (link) - Dr. Zimbardo TED Talk

  • The Stanford Prison Experiment (link)

  • The Asch Experiment (link)

  • All videos (link)