Our Mission:

Everyday Heroes.


We’re a team of ordinary people and we believe every person has the potential to be a hero

So we’re preparing  heroes around the globe.

The HIP education programs prepare heroes in training for everyday heroic action. This is achieved by educating participants directly about their own psychology and teaching how they can master social and situational forces as well as their automatic human tendencies in order to act in ways that are kind, prosocial, and even heroic.

With guidance from expert HIP Trainers and Educators, tens of thousands of people around the world have already gained essential skills for heroism such as situational awareness, self-efficacy, values-driven decision-making, and social resilience. These skills help individuals harness their heroic potential and take effective action in challenging situations.

We’re making academic information accessible to everyone.
Our founder, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, has spent his life studying social psychology and personal growth. We take complex and valuable findings about psychology from academia and translate them into consumable, relevant, and engaging lessons for youth and adults to use in their everyday lives to improve situations and transform themselves and their communities.

How do we train heroes?
We train heroes through delivering workshops and trainings, connecting heroes in training online, and promoting advancements in heroism research and education. Learn more.


At HIP, we translate the extensive research findings of social psychology and related fields into meaningful insights and tools that individuals can use in their everyday lives to transform negative situations and create positive change.

Our founder, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, has studied the psychological foundations of negative forms of social influence (such as conformity, obedience, and the bystander effect) and is now refocused on understanding the nature of everyday heroism and the psychology of personal and social growth.


Our Mission

To encourage and empower individuals to take heroic action during crucial moments in their lives. We prepare them to act with integrity, compassion, and moral courage, heightened by an understanding of the power of situational forces.

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“Most people want to take effective action in challenging situations, they just don’t know how.”

-Dr. Philip Zimbardo



Our Lessons




HIP has translated meaningful findings in education and psychology into engaging lessons that can be taught and understood by a wide-range of audiences and applied to challenging real life scenarios. HIP starts all its trainings by addressing a question we all ask ourselves: do my actions really make a difference? Trainees discuss who heroes are, what they are like, and how they can impact our real world, eventually realizing that not only are they themselves already more like their heroes than they might think, but that they as ordinary people can make an extraordinarily meaningful impact.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Our mindsets - the set of beliefs we have about whether our abilities can be grown or changed - profoundly impact the way we work, play, explore, and live. Whether you wish for your students to explore their potential and embrace failure, your teachers to understand the exact science required to learn a new skill, or for your employees to be more confident, fulfilled, and productive, this lesson can help. 

Combatting the Bystander Effect

The opposite of a hero is not a villain - it is a ‘bystander’ - an individual who does nothing during adverse situations.  We teach trainees how automatic human tendencies and social influence forces can shape our decisions, causing
us to act in ways that can be harmful to ourselves and others. Trainees learn how to identify bystander behavior in various scenarios and what can be done to prevent it in oneself and in others. 

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Our Partners

The Heroic Imagination has many partners around the world. Some of them are members, licensed to teach our official training programs, while others are simply friends doing good work. 

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