heroism 101

The Banality of Heroism (pdf)
Zeno Franco & Philip Zimbardo - Greater Good Magazine (2006)

Resisting Situational Influences and Celebrating Heroism (pdf
Philip G. Zimbardo - Lucifer Effect, Chapter 16 (2008)


Fostering the Heroic Imagination (pdf)
Zeno Franco, Kathy Blau, & Philip Zimbardo - Eye on Psi Chi (2009)

The Heroes of Myth and Folklore: Part One – Defining a Hero (link)
J. Isen (2010)

The Captain Who Fell into the Lifeboat (link)
Zeno Franco & Matt Langdon - Greater Good Magazine (2012)

Could You be a Hero? (pdf)
Elizabeth Svoboda - Scholastic (2013)

What’s Holding You Back From Becoming a Hero? (link)
Scott T. Allison - Psychology Today (2015)

The Science of Being a Hero (link)
Annabel Stafford - The Age (2017)

Where We Find Heroes (link)
Kira M. Newman - Greater Good Magazine (2017)

Heroism vs. The Bystander Effect (link)
Rosemary K.M. Sword & Philip Zimbardo - Psychology Today (2018)

The Psychology of Heroism (link)
Diana Aguilera - Stanford Magazine (2018)



Preventing Bullying by Systemic Changes and Reframing (pdf)
Philip Zimbardo - Core Concepts in Psychology (2017)



Time Perspective and Social Heroism (pdf)
Philip Zimbardo (2017)



Seven Ways to Stand Up Against Sexual Harassment (link)
Elizabeth Svoboda - Greater Good Magazine (2017)

How to Mobilize Men Against Sexual Harassment (link
Elizabeth Svoboda - Greater Good Magazine (2018)

'Bystander effect' and sexual assault: What the research says (link)
The Conversation (2018)



Why We’re Obsessed with Understanding Evil (link)
Elizabeth Svoboda - Greater Good Magazine (2017)

 A Personal Journey from Evil to Heroism (pdf)
Philip Zimbardo - Psychology Review (2018)



The Heroism of Women and Men (link)
Selwyn W. Becker & Alice Eagly - American Psychologist (2004)



The Garden Variety of Genetic Heroism: In a World of Tasteless Tomatoes, Seed Saviors are Standing Guard (link)
Paul Galloway - Chicago Tribune (1987)

Forgotten Aboriginal War Heroes (link)
P. Newbury (2011)

Arthur Ashe: A Hero On and Off the Court (link)
Carlie Q. Blessing - Heroes of Richmond: Four Centuries of Courage, Dignity, and Virtue (2018)

Edgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Hero (link)
Michael David Bonifonte - Heroes of Richmond: Four Centuries of Courage, Dignity, and Virtue (2018)

The Japanese Man Who Saved 6,000 Jews With His Handwriting (link)
David Wolpe - The New York Times (2018)



Psychology in the Public Service (pdf)
Philip Zimbardo - American Psychologist (2002)

Humanizing Monsters (link)
Casey Dorman - Civil American (2017)




Moral Personality Exemplified (link)
Larry Walker - Notre Dame Symposium on Personality and Moral Character (2006)

Heroism: A Conceptual Analysis and Differentiation Between Heroic Action and Altruism (pdf)
Zeno E. Franco, Kathy Blau, and Philip G. Zimbardo - Review of General Psychology (2011)

Nursing Heroism in the 21st Century (link)
P. Darbyshire - BMC Nursing (2011)

Making Heroes: The Construction of Courage, Competence and Virtue (link)
George R. Goethals & Scott T. Allison - Advances in Experimental Social Psychology (2012)

The Hero and the Internet: Exploring the Emergence of the Cyberhero Archetype (link)
Dana Klisanin - Media Psychology Review (2012)

“Now He Belongs to the Ages”: The Heroic Leadership Dynamic and Deep Narratives of Greatness (link)
Scott T. Allison & George R. Goethals - Conceptions of leadership: Enduring ideas and emerging insights (2014)


Lay Perspectives on the Social and Psychological Functions of Heroes (link)
Elaine Kinsella, Tim Ritches, & Eric Igou - Frontiers in Psychology (2015)

The Initiation of Heroism Science (link)
Scott T. Allison - Heroism Science (2015)

The Search For a Hero Gene: Fact or Fiction? (link)
Olivia Efthimiou - Heroism Science (2015)

Paradoxical Truths in Heroic Leadership: Implications for Leadership Development and Effectiveness (link)
Scott T. Allison & Jennifer Cecilione - Leadership Paradoxes (2016)

Social Representations of Hero and Everyday Hero: A Network Study from Representative Samples (link
Zsolt Keczer, Bálint File, Gábor Orosz, & Phil Zimbardo (2016)

Social Representations of Hero and Everyday Hero: A Network Study from Representative Samples (link)
Zsolt Keczer, Bálint File, Gábor Orosz and Philip G. Zimbardo - PLOS ONE (2016)

Heroism Research: A Review of Theories, Methods, Challenges, and Trends (link)
Franco ZE, Allison ST, Kinsella EL, Kohen A, Langdon M & Zimbardo PG (2016) 

Hero Worship: The Elevation of the Human Spirit (link)
Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour (2016)

Don’t Judge a Living Book by its Cover: Effectiveness of the Living Library Intervention in Reducing Prejudice Toward Roma and LGBT People (link)
Gábor Orosz, Erzsébet Bánki, Beáta Bőthe, István Tóth-Király and Linda R. Tropp - Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2016)

The Hero’s Journey in the Extreme Fitness Exercise Infomercial (link)
James K. Beggan - Heroism Science (2016)

Studies on Documented Historical Cases of Civil and War Heroes: A Mini-Review (link)
Hannes Rusch - Heroism Science (2016)

Collaborative Heroism: An Empirical Investigation (link)
Dana Klisanin - Heroism Science (2016)

A Theological Perspective on Heroic Leadership in the Context of Followership and Servant Leadership (link)
Deborah Robertson - Heroism Science (2017)

On the Bravery and Courage of Heroes: Considering Gender (link)
Elaine Kinsella, Timothy Ritchie, and Eric Igou - Heroism Science (2017)

 On the Dynamics of Disobedience: Experimental Investigations of Defying Unjust Authority (link)
Piero Bocchiaro and Philip Zimbardo (2017)

How Not to Do a Mindset Intervention: Learning from a Mindset Intervention Among Students with Good Grades (link)
Gábor Orosz, Szilvia Péter-Szarka, Beáta Bőthe, István Tóth-Király and Rony Berger - Frontiers in Psychology (2017)

Heroic Leadership (link)
Scott T. Allison - Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (2017)

Heroic Memory: Remembering the Details of Others’ Heroism (link)
Jaclyn Ford et al. - Applied Cognitive Psychology (2017)

The Hero Organism: Advancing the Embodiment of Heroism Thesis in the 21st Century (link)
Olivia Efthimiou - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017) 

Underdogs as Heroes (link)
Joseph A. Vandello et al. - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017)

Heroism and the Pursuit of Meaning (link)
Jeff Green et al. - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017)

The Hero’s Transformation (link)
Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017)

Attributes and Applications of Heroes: A Brief History of Lay and Academic Perspectives (link)
Elaine Kinsella, Timothy Ritchie, and Eric Igou - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017)

Setting the Scene: The Rise and Coalescence of Heroism Science (link)
Scott T. Allison, George R. Goethals, & Roderick M. Kramer - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017)




Evolution of Heroes: An Expanded Typology of Heroes for the Electronic Age (link)
Hakanen, Ernest - Sociological Forum (1996)

Heroism in Literature (link)
Ibrahim Taha - The American Journal of Semiotics (2002)

Health, Healing, and the Myth of the Hero Journey (link)
Marlaine Smith - Advances in Nursing Science (2002)

Definitions and Omissions of Heroism (link)
Jeffrey Martens - American Psychologist (2005)

Becoming a Teacher as a Hero’s Journey: Using Metaphor in Preservice Teacher Education (link)
Lisa Goldstein - Teacher Education Quarterly (2005)

Volunteer Overseas Development Workers: The Hero’s Adventure and Personal Transformation (link)
Hudson, Sheena, & Kerr Inkson - Career Development International (2006)

Ancestral War and the Evolutionary Origins of “Heroism” (link)
Oleg Smirnov, Holly Arrow, Douglas Kennett, and John Orbell - Journal of Politics (2007)

Smirnov, Ancestral War and the Evolutionary Origins of “Heroism” (link)
Oleg Smirnov - Journal of Politics (2007)

Moral Personality of Brave and Caring Exemplars (link)
Larry Walker & Jeremy Frimer - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2007)

What Makes a Hero? The Impact of Integrity on Admiration and Interpersonal Judgment (link)
Barry Schlenker et al. - Journal of Personality (2008)

Is His Heroism Hailed and Hers Hidden? Women, Men, and the Social Construction of Heroism (link)
Rankin, Lindsay E. & Alice H Eagly - Psychology of Women Quarterly (2008)

Honesty and Heroes: A Positive Psychology View of Heroism and Academic Honest (link)
Sarah Staats et al. - The Journal of Psychology (2010)

How Can We Study Heroism? (link)
Eranda Jayawickreme & Paul Di Stefano - Political Psychology (2011)

The Hero’s Journey as a Developmental Metaphor in Counseling (link)
Gerard Lawson - Journal of Humanistic Counseling (2011)

A Case of Moral Heroism: Sympathy, Personal Identification, and Mortality in Rwanda (link)
Ari Kohen - Human Rights Review (2011)

Hierarchical Integration of  Agency and Communion: A Study of Influential Moral Figures (link)
Frimer et al. - Journal of Personality (2012)

The Personality Profile of Brave Exemplars: A Person-Centered Analysis (link)
W. Dunlop & Larry Walker - Journal of Research in Personality (2013)

The Role of Mortality Awareness in Heroic Enactment (link)
McCabe et al. - Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2015)

Zeroing in on Heroes: A Prototype Analysis of Hero Features (link)
Elaine Kinsella, Tim Ritches, & Eric Igou - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2015)

Historical and Experimental Evidence of Sexual Selection for War Heroism (link)
Hannes Rusch et al. - Evolution and Human Behavior (2015)

Heroism and Eudaimonia: Sublime Actualization Through the Embodiment of Virtue (link)
Zeno Franco, Olivia Efthimiou, & Phil Zimbardo - Handbook of Eudaimonic Well-Being (2016)

Transforming Motives and Mentors: The Heroic Leadership of James MacGregor Burns (link)
George R. Goethals & Scott T. Allison (2016)

The Psychology of Heroism: Extraordinary Champions of Humanity in an Unforgiving World (link)
Zeno E. Franco & Phil Zimbardo - The Social Psychology of Good and Evil, Second Edition (2016)

Heroism in Times of Crisis (link)
Zeno E. Franco - Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2017)

The Berkeley Civic Courage and Heroism Experiment: The Group Dynamics of Individuals Acting in Concert to Advance Ethical Goals in the Public Interest (link
Bill Roller and Philip Zimbardo - International Journal of Group Psychotherapy (2017)

Heroism and the Pursuit of a Meaningful Life (link)
Elaine Kinsella, Timothy Ritchie, and Eric Igou - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

What Makes a Hero? Exploring Characteristic Profiles of Heroes Using Q-Method (link)
Brian Riches - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

Mindfulness-Based Heroism: Creating Enlightened Heroes (link)
Patrick Jones - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

Investigating Altruism and Selfishness Through the Hypothetical Use of Superpowers (link)
Ahuti Das-Friebel - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

Everyday Heroism in Practicing Psychology (link
Harris L. Friedman - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

Hero Versus Saint: Considerations From the Phenomenology of Embodiment (link)
Bryan Smyth - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

On Boredom and Perceptions of Heroes: A Meaning-Regulation Approach to Heroism (link)
Gillian Coughlan et al. - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

The Hybrid Hero: A Contagious Counter-Example (link)
Benjamin Van Tourhout - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

The Hero-Journey, Hamlet and Positive Psychological Transformation (link)
Peter Bray - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

The Hero’s Journey: A Mudmap for Change (link)
Clive Williams - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

Achilles and the Astronaut: What Heroism Humanities Can Teach Heroism Science (link)
Ruth Martin Curry - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

Scholarly Heroism: A Transdisciplinary Perspective on David Bohm’s Transformative Scholarship and Intellectual Exile (link)
Peter le Breton - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

The Making of a Hero: Cultivating Empath, Altruism, and Heroic Imagination (link)
Ari Kohen, Matt Langdon, and Brian Riches - Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2017)

A Systematic Literature Review of Factors that Moderate Bystanders’ Actions in Cyberbullying (link)

Fernando Domínguez-Hernández, Lars Bonell, and Alejandro Martínez-González - Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace (2018)


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